Dr William Zafiropoulos, our principal dentist, is dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect smile - to this end he was among the first group of providers in Australia to be trained in Invisalign therapy.




Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that are custom crafted to exert gentle pressure and move the teeth to new positions gradually. Every week, as the teeth are shifted through each phase, a new set of Invisalign aligners is required. Your smile gradually and invisibly moves through the stages of Invisalign treatment until the desired results are achieved.

Our dentists at Classic Smiles were amongst the first group trained in the Invisalign technique in Australia.

We offer an exclusive service whereby upon contacting us regarding Invisalign we request that you send us photos of your smile. In response, we will email you images of smiles similar to yours that we have successfully treated with Invisalign – giving you the confidence that Classic Smiles has the experience to treat your condition with Invisalign.

Patient comfort and care have been our main priorities through the thousands of patients we have treated. You can be rest assured that your Invisalign treatment is being executed by highly trained and experienced professionals when you choose Classic Smiles.

How Invisalign Works...

Why Choose Classic Smiles?

Gain the beautiful straight smile you have always wanted without the need for traditional braces.

Invisible clear Braces - Invisalign




When you attend for your complimentary consultation, our team will take moulds and photographs of your teeth.

A week or so later, you will attend again and we will show you what type of Invisalign is suitable for you. Options include i7, Invislaign Lite , Invisalign Teen and Invisalign full.

We also offer other more affordable  clear aligner orthodontics systems like "ClearCorrect" and "Truline".

At this time we will give you an initial treatment plan and fixed price quotation for invisible clear braces. for invisible clear braces. There is no obligation an this stage and no financial outlay. Note, our fees for Invisalign are no more than regular suburban dentists.

If you decide to proceed with Invisalign, you then pay a $300 fee to us which we pay to Invisalign, and we then send off your moulds and photographs/x-rays to Invisalign USA.

A week or so later, Invisalign USA sends us a super computer generated 3D visualisation of your proposed treatment and your teeth moving through the various stages. This is called a 3D Clin Check. You view this computerised animation (Clin Check) at our surgery and you decide if the proposed invisalign treatment matches your expectations. If it does, then we proceed to order your aligners and  the $300 fee paid is deducted from the total cost of invisible clear braces.

The Invisalign Procedure.

Occasionally more complex tooth movements are required and   conventional orthodontic treatment (metal braces) might be in order. In these cases , we are happy to refer you to Orthodontic Specialists in your area.

Invisalign i7 is a therapy for very minor tooth movements (7 top and 7 bottom aligners in total ), most usually as a prelude to other cosmetic dental work, like veneers. Fees are $3000.

Invisalign Lite is for minor tooth movements (14 top and 14 lower aligners). This invisalign procedure can a be a stand alone therapy or can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic dental work. Fees are usually in the order of $5500.

Invisalign Teen is for teenagers only, we are happy to provide a fixed quotation after your teenagers consultation.

Invisalign Full is for comprehensive tooth movement, usually with 24-40 aligners,fees are generally in the order of $8000.

Truline and clearcorrect are clear aligner alternatives that are similar to Invisalign, but more affordable.  We can offer you a fixed price quotation after your complimentary consultation.

Usage pattern-Invisalign requires that you wear your aligners for 23 hours a day every day.

Minimal pain from Invisalign aligners, as movement for each Invisalign aligner is minor (ie 1 weeks worth of movement for each Invisalign aligner versus 3 months of movement from a stiff braces wire)

Eating- remove Invisalign aligners when eating.

Warranty- Invisalign offers a warranty against relapse, whereby the treatment will be redone for free, if you purchase and diligently wear Invisalign "Vivera" retainers  (special hardened plastic aligners)-  the fee is an extra $350 for 3 upper and 3 lower retainers.

Lost retainers- we charge no fee for replacing lost Invisalign aligners but you must revert to wearing the last numbered aligner you have, whilst new retainers are shipped from Invisalign USA.

Classic Smiles Dental, headed by Dr William Zafiropoulos, is committed in helping you achieve the perfect smile through professional services including Invisalign therapy. 

Our clinic in Sydney is dedicated in offering high-quality invisible clear braces for teeth, so you can have that perfect straight smile you’ve always wanted.


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